2011, "The Interactive Facade". An interactive facade optimized for daylighting and pedestrian response

There are well documented studies that show the potential of the use of genetic algorithm (GA) in architecture and engineering. Numerous studies focuses on the application of the GA in the exploration of performance based façade design with single or multi‐objective optimization to satisfy the illuminance and glare requirements. As part of an ongoing research on the use of the GAs in the built environment, this project investigates on the potential of their application in an interactive façade design with a multiobjective optimization.
The objective was to develop an adaptive building façade to provide the optimum light conditions in the interior and to perform as interactive device for the exterior reacting to weather conditions and pedestrian activity. The façade act as a sort of medium to play and communicate with outside while maintain the privacy for the activities inside the building.
The façade is based on a series of shading device modules that can change aperture and tilting angles to allow to capture more or less light and to create a pattern that could change when pedestrian passed behind it to block the view through to increase the privacy in interior spaces. The façade works as interface between interior and exterior continuously reconfiguring its envelope to optimize the luminance requirements inside and the scenographic effects outside as emergent pattern and interaction with the audience.
The interaction between interior and exterior is controlled with a multi‐objective GA that evaluate the different solution configuration optimizing the natural lightning inside and in the same time the pattern construction on the external side of the envelope with the interaction of the pedestrians. The façade was designed and digitally simulated and finally was made a small scale prototype model using devices as Arduino connected with camera and sensors (Microsoft Kinect ®) to recognize gestures and interaction with users. The prototype showed how performed the interactive façade and the GA in the real time.

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